Oklahoma ranks 38th inwomen’s median weekly earnings.

Women working full-time, year-round, earn just 77% of what men earn in Oklahoma. This is just one factor that contributed to Oklahoma’s ‘D’ grade on women’s economic security by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Considering women are the single head of household in about 22% of Oklahoma families, the importance of ensuring they are paid enough to care for their children is critical.
Only 19% of Oklahoma women have completed a four-year college education. Twenty percent of Oklahoma women do not have a high school diploma.Education is paramount to ensuring economic security. By improving access to education through scholarship programs, college or tech school can be more affordable for women, thus helping elevate women’s levels of economic security.
Just 29% of workers in management positions in Oklahoma are women. High performing women are less likely to receive promotions than high performing men are. Some studies point to women being unwilling to ask for promotions and negotiate higher salaries. Educating women on how to vouch for themselves in the workplace would promote greater economic security in Oklahoma.

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