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Full Statement on Buffalo and Texas Gun Violence

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“In what world, is it easier to get a gun than it is baby formula? This is the reality that we’re living in today. We are horrified, and angered by the 19 lives stolen yesterday in Texas due to gun violence. Just a few short days ago, 17 lives stolen from a racially targeted attack on Black people in Buffalo.

To our Legislators: What are you going to do about it? How many children must die at the hands of gun violence? How many Black people must die from racial violence?

This is why it is imperative to vote. Vote for the leaders that will take a stand against gun violence. Vote for the leaders who will challenge the status quo and do what’s right for the good of their constituents. Vote for the leaders who will pass necessary legislation to protect the people they are meant to serve. The deadline for Voter Registration in the Oklahoma Primary Elections is June 3rd and we have the ability to decide who OUR leaders at the Capitol will be.

When it is easier to get a gun in America than have access to baby formula, we have a serious problem. Enough is enough.”

Brandi Sims, Chair of Oklahoma Women’s Alliance


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