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OWC Response to Roe V. Wade Opinion Leak

The Roe v. Wade draft opinion leak has caused uncertainty, fear, concern, and frustration over the future of self-identified women and girls and their right to obtain an abortion in Oklahoma. Although the opinion is not a final decision, OWC strongly opposes any overturn of the current Roe v. Wade decision. What was once a celebration of freedom for reproductive rights has now been called into question by an individual who has used the leak for political and selfish gain. Should the U.S. Supreme Court justices sign off on this opinion, each state would be left to decide how to handle abortion.

This would give Governor Stitt the power to continue restricting abortion to those in need. This has been an ongoing discussion for years, and the fight is far from over. OWC will continue to monitor the authenticity of the leak and any developments thereafter. Rest assured, Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land today  unless the Court signs off on the opinion. We stand with our Oklahoma women and girls, and are ready to continue the fight for reproductive rights.