More women are murdered by men in Oklahoma than in almost every other state.

In 61% of domestic violence homicide cases, others knew of the violence before the homicide. Oklahoma has over 30 certified domestic violence services. What keeps friends, families, and law enforcement from taking full advantage of help lines, batterer interventions, and shelters?

Male children who witness the abuse of their mothers are likely to become abusers themselves. By allowing such a high level of violence against women to continue, Oklahoma is furthering the cycle of domestic violence for generations to come.

Oklahoma is a hub for human trafficking. Trafficked women and girls from Oklahoma have been found in over 40 cities across the United States. The intersection of I-35 and I-40 in Oklahoma City makes the area a prime spot for traffickers because they can transport women and girls easily to different parts of the country. However, law enforcement officials, medical personnel, and civilians often cannot identify signs of human trafficking. Training these people to spot the signs of trafficking and exploited girls and emphasizing the importance of reporting, could save lives.

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